Hearts 4 Africa has been focusing on building the Naluko Women’s Hospital and Outpatient Clinic.

Naluko Women’s Hospital and Outpatient Clinic

Hope Filled Hearts 4 Africa’s Naluko Women’s Hospital is a 4,000 sf building in the heart of Naluko Village, Iganga District. We serve a population of 700,000 people that live in extreme poverty. Despite under-reporting and lack of accurate maternal statistics, the World Bank still identifies this part of Uganda as having the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality. The primary service of this new facility is to provide prenatal, postnatal, and delivery services to ensure that women have a safe, clean environment to deliver their babies. The call for quality medical care for mothers and newborns is urgent, and our swift response will save the lives of women and newborns in Uganda. They are cared for by well-trained, compassionate midwives and our full time doctor is available at all times.

In the event of an emergency c-section, there is a fully equipped operating theater. The Outpatient Clinic provides care to the majority of village people in our area by providing treatment for ailments such as malaria, typhoid, anemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, just to mention a few. Patients are able to get most blood work done right at our laboratory and they are able to fill prescriptions for medications at our well-stocked pharmacy.

We not only care about the physical health of our patients but the spiritual health as well. Many have come to know the Love of Jesus and have accepted Him as their personal Lord and Savior as a result of the love and care they have received from all our staff and from Pastor Majok Abraham of Calvary Chapel Naluko, which is located on our facility grounds.

Additional services include:

Providing Community Water Wells

Supplemental Food Program

Family Planing/Education

HIV Testing & Retroviral Medication

Malaria Testing & Medication

Female Surgeries Including Fistula Repair

About the Wells,
H4A has had the privilege of overseeing the drilling of 5 water wells. One supplies clean water to our hospital facility and the 4 others are located throughout the village to provide clean water to the community.

H4A is working to complete the construction of the entire facility complex and aims to create a sustainable facility that will save lives. Support from individuals, foundations, and businesses is needed to complete the construction of this project.